Interior Design & Remodeling in Northern Virginia


Once upon a time, we all had more time. Now, we spend every minute burning the candle at both ends, burning the midnight oil (or Yankee Candles, let's be real), and weighing the options between burning our to do lists or just suffering in silence.

Our lives have become giant laundry lists (that, ironically, often include last week's unfolded laundry). We muddle through our days and come home to what should be a haven, an escape--but our homes are often a source of more stress.

We wish for the days when we were young, and someone else made decisions for us--because you know you'd give anything for no responsibilities and a juice box right now. You just want a place that feels like home but doesn't require you to whip up some magical potion to make it happen. You want a space that makes you feel good about yourself whether you are sitting in solitude or hosting a group of friends.

...but you struggle with allowing yourself the pleasure of a well-designed home. You secretly crave tasteful furnishings and curated style...and still, you hesitate.

...But Did you know?

How you treat your home is a reflection of how you treat yourself. Call it self-help, self-love, or selfless investment in your haven. We call it our passion, and we're ready to help.


Rave Reviews

When I was completely lost about where to start, she would quickly pull up on her tablet ideas and options to help me articulate and solidify my thinking. She never made recommendations that were out of our reach.

Bottom line: We are thrilled with how our project is turning out. I highly recommend Maria Causey Interior Design!
— Dawn L. | Past Client
Maria helped me choose beautiful paint colors for much of our home, helped us create a gorgeous master bedroom and bath, a beautiful dining room and kitchen, and a very dramatic powder room.

She also help us with custom window treatments in a couple of rooms. All have turned out beautifully!
— Terri F. | Past Client
I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I had an idea of some of the colors I like. Maria transformed that into a beautiful and comfortable living space that feels just right. Maria gave me sketches of what things were going to look like and provided the workmen with exact measurements and guidance.

Maria really paid attention to what I wanted, even though I couldn’t fully articulate what that was. I’d hire her again.
— Heather K. | Past Client