2018 Living Room Trends

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What is your favorite room in your home? For me, since it’s so cold outside, I would say the living room right now! As I mentioned in a previous blog, I love curling up on my sofa in a warm throw, in front of a fire, as I read my favorite book. If you are like me, and you enjoy spending time in your living room, why not make your favorite room in your house an expression of yourself?

Living rooms used to be a room that was used to entertain occasional guests and a space to retreat after a hard day’s work. Times are changing, and so are our homes. These days, the living room is a versatile space. It’s a space in which you are able to truly express yourself, and now, with the exciting new colors and trends I will describe in this article, you are able to do so.

Living room décor trends for 2018 include:

  • Color plays a substantial role in any space. Neutral tones on the walls, big furniture and flooring can be layered with rich colored woods, accessories and art throughout that add interest and style. 2018 will signal the shift to a warmer vibe. Reds, warm grays and earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco, brown-blacks and burnt yellow will take over the design scene for a sophisticated and rich look.


  • Textures are a brilliant way to achieve a multi-dimensional look. Textiles are a great place to start when introducing color or pattern into your space. Carefully selecting accessories to pull together colors, patterns and textures used in your space are essential to create a harmonious and captivating domain.


  • Florals make a comeback. Floral prints sometimes get a bad rep (thanks, grandma), but this year they’re coming back in a bold and fashionable way. Houzz suggests going botanical in high-contrast colors such as black and white or teal and gold and over-sized blooms.


  • Vintage lighting. Homeowners are gravitating toward vintage-style fixtures, such as aged copper pendant lights, as an unforgettable focal point for the living room.


  • Concrete accents. According to Houzz, concrete has always been a popular material choice. But homeowners will be taking it beyond the floors and countertops and using it in furniture, decorative accessories and wallcoverings.

Ready to implement some of these design trends in your home? At Maria Causey Interior Design, we always stay well attuned to nuances in design for your home. Since your home should truly reflect who you are and create the mood you desire, we want to help you to make design choices that will last. For more information or to receive a proposal for your next interior design project, please contact Maria Causey Interior Design today.


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