The Top Color Trends for 2018


If you’ve ever looked at your glass of Cabernet (when it was full...) and thought, “What an incredible color,” you’re not alone.

At the International Home + Housewares Show, Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, revealed the color and design trends we can expect in 2018 — and wine-inspired hues are one. (We’ll drink to that!)

Here are some other palette trends you can look forward to seeing in home design this year:

1. Our infatuation with iridescence lives on, as pearlized and translucent pieces continue to entrance the human eye. (Does this mean we should all bedeck our homes in abalone shells? Not quite… with this trend, moderation is key.)

2. Palettes of complementary blue and orange hues stay interesting and design-flexible. When done right, this combo of warm and cool is tasteful, timeless, and adapts to your specific style.

3. Bright turquoise, pinks, and purples will be anchored by brilliant white and frosted almond tones. A nod to our growing relationship with technology, this palette is all about hues that seem to shine from within.

4. Vegetal colors like celery combine with berry-infused purples and eggshell blue, hues symbolic of health. In fact, we’ve already seen these colors coming to life in the increasingly popular trend toward relaxing, nature-inspired “spa bathrooms.”

5. The Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet. Deep purples communicate originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking. The hue was even a favorite color of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who, Eiseman said, wore a purple cape when trying to be creative.

6. The last standout trend has color lovers rejoicing: a movement toward intense, saturated colors and away from their pastel counterparts. For example, full-bodied hues of violet, wine, and amethyst will edge out softer lavenders and purples.

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