5 Interior Design Pattern & Print Trends for Summer/Fall 2018

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2018’s Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan, Italy, had no shortage of innovative and exciting designs to share. For this month’s post, however, we’ve decided to focus on the fair’s creative and diverse use of prints...

With floor-to-ceiling wallpaper and bold prints currently trending in the interior design industry, it's the perfect time to shine some light on prints’ variety — both in design and in how you can use them throughout your home.

Remember: A design fair is like a fashion show: the outfits you see on the runway aren’t usually the ones you’ll find later on shelves. The design concepts are.

1. Modern and Eclectic Florals


Although plastering this print to your ceiling might be a tad aggressive for DC Metro Area homes, we’ve seen a trend of prints that are fun, bright, and lean toward the abstract. Not only does art like this add life and emotion to your space, but it can also help tie the elements of your room together.

All that is to say… don’t be afraid to try a bit of color!

2. French-Inspired Design (that doesn’t look like Grandma’s sitting room)


A French-inspired floral print. Button-tufted pillows. A sofa with a traditional silhouette. These elements are a nod to centuries past, but this space looks anything but dated. How’d they do it?

First, blush is a color that has yet to go out of style. Second, glamorous velvet is in. And third, geometric mirrors (not gilded) add just the right touches of fresh and new…

Proof that old prints can be revived by the right surroundings.

3. Interesting Geometric Art


I admit… that tiger above might scare small children, but the important concept here is the interesting way simple geometric shapes come together to create a bigger picture. More abstract pieces, like the ones in the middle and top left, could be particularly effective as art that anchors a room by mimicking its existing colors and shapes.

Or, use this example to find another print whose geometry speaks to you and your space.

4. Stitched-Together Prints Create Something Entirely New


You’ve probably seen two pillows of different patterns on one sofa, but have you ever seen one sofa or chair made from different patterns?

(Not like this, we haven’t!)

The concept behind these chairs is fascinating. Even if stripes aren’t your thing or plaid drives you nuts, the fusion of a variety of patterns creates something entirely new and different. Better yet, this design is replicable — the concept could be applied to nearly any palette or style with an equally appealing result. That’s good design.

5. Big Prints Aren’t Just for Florals


It’s no secret that bold and big florals have made a comeback in design lately, but this freshly-inked, natured-inspired print is just as impressive (and Georgia O’Keeffe-esque). The print adds immediate interest to the space, without the typical pitfall of feeling "busy."

We'll be keeping an eye out for this trend to grow!

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