5 Tips for Kid-Friendly & Pet-Proof Interior Design


Meet Baxter, a.k.a. The Most Interesting Dog in the World. ...Just kidding. But he is the inspiration behind this month’s post: making your home kid-friendly and pet-proof.

You see, Baxter sheds. He tracks dirt into the house from time to time. And every so often, a bit of drool falls from his sophisticated jowls. That’s right. The Most Interesting Dog in the World is... a dog.


Like us, many of our clients have pets, too — or children — who are infamous for giving interiors a run for our money. They interact with the space differently, are a bit more prone to messes, and can turn the simplest of spaces into high-use areas.

These are all things to be considered when designing your home.

Read our top 5 tips (tried-and-tested by Maria Causey Interior Design and The Most Interesting Dog in the World himself) for designing your space with little (and furry) ones in mind.

1. Match Your Upholstery or Materials to Your Pets’ Fur

Color coordination is a small trick that goes a long way. For example, if you have two white dogs that shed like crazy, you probably don’t want to install dark hardwood floors or choose a black sofa. You’ll be haunted by white hair at every turn!


2. Choose Home Materials That Put Up a Fight

For kid- and pet-proof fabrics, Crypton upholstery and polypropylene rugs are your best friends.

In fact, we had some fun putting a polypropylene rug to the test with one of our clients. We rubbed the rug with tomato sauce and grape juice and let it marinate. Then we added a little bleach to it later, and — Voilà! — as if the tomato-and-grape-juice assault never happened. Incredible. (Do your worst, kids!)

3. If You Can’t Go with Crypton or Polypropylene, Pick a Pattern

If you can’t find something you love in Crypton or polypropylene, patterns are infamously good at concealing things. A different material might not come with same stain-proof durability as our super-materials, but you can use a repellent on it to protect it from stains and spills (see #4 below).


4. Say No to Scotchguard & Yes to Better (Greener) Options

Scotchgard has had its heyday, but now we know better. It can yellow fabrics, requires frequent reapplications, and frankly, there are several products on the market that do a better job. We recommend Ultra-Guard, a green option that’s up to the task and requires few, if any, reapplications.

5. Avoid Furniture with Sharp Edges

Last, but not least, keep those little ones safe! If you have young kids running around, a sharp coffee table corner has the potential to ruin everyone’s night. Choose furniture with rounded edges or look for circular tables and ottomans. If you’re worried these shapes won’t fit with your design aesthetic, talk to us. We can always make something work!


Designing for a family with little or furry ones? Let Maria Causey Interior Design help! To receive more information or a proposal for your next project, contact us today.