The Causey House Remodel: Rooms Inspired by Music & Love

Two weeks ago, I shared the entryway and upstairs bedrooms of the newly designed Causey home, also known as, my house! Today, I’m taking you through several other room reveals, particularly those inspired by our love of music and family.

The Basement… More Accurately Called “The Music Room”

Music is central in our lives. My late husband was a musician. My son, Nate, is a musician (and in fact, named after a famous bassist who is also a family friend). I am a musician wannabe. In addition to playing, we also listen to music often and love attending live events (the Birchmere in Alexandria is a favorite venue).

I decided to honor that love of music – and my husband, Scott – by scattering albums and concert memorabilia throughout the house.

The basement is the perfect place for us to start this tour because, surprise, it is essentially a music room...


I chose items that had special meaning to us: autographed programs (hello, Eric Clapton!) and albums (hello, Mary Chapin Carpenter), album covers that represent music we love (who doesn’t love Bowie & The Who?), and photos of musicians we admire, especially local musicians who are friends, like Happy the Man. There’s even an album my husband produced, by HR of Bad Brains.

These acrylic frames by Wexel Art help make the displays special.


My son and his friends, as well as the worship team from our church, use this space to jam and rehearse… and host the occasional raucous ping pong tournament.


My husband owned many guitars and, luckily, they are works of art themselves, so they’re displayed for artistic and practical purposes. I found these super-cool iron and leather guitar hangers on Etsy.


The shelves are stocked with more memorabilia and some inspirational reads for our aspiring artists.

Music-Inspired Hallway

Heading back to the main floor, you’ll come across another music-inspired space, the hallway of our family room.


I wanted a special way to display these pieces, too, so I used more acrylic frames by Wexel Art, as in the basement. (You’ll see this area again when I show you the family room in our next post.)

Just off the hallway, we have the study…

The Study

Unlike the upstairs sitting room, the study is a little more serious (cue, handsome leather chair), but it’s just as warm and joyful.


The space fuses a bit of the style from the foyer (remember these ladies?) and from the downstairs music room. I mounted another of Scott’s guitars and styled the bookshelves with more memories, books, and items from our travels.

This room is also a great example of how special spaces don’t come from catalogues but from assembling meaningful pieces collected over a lifetime. Interior design is trending back in this direction (see Design Trend #6 here), and I couldn’t be happier to bring this same concept to life for others.

A Living Room Inspired by CubaN Clubs in 1950

The living room design was inspired by clubs in Cuba in the 50s. I’m Cuban-American, and I wanted to capture my roots without being “theme-y.” This room also offered another space to bring our love of music alive in the home.


Sexy. Suave. Full of character. I took bold chances with paint in this room — deep purple walls, trim and ceiling — and I think it paid off. Add the keyboard and bass guitar against the far wall, and this living room is the perfect place to relax, play, and soak up some cool vibes.


Comfy stuffed furniture and a bar (seen in previous photo) are paired with several distinctly Cuban items: cigar boxes, a hand-painted humidor, and a cherished painting that a relative made of a framboyan tree, which is everywhere in Cuba.

As you can see, family is everything to us, and my next post will take you through more family-inspired rooms in our home: the kitchen, family room (of course), and dining room. You can expect the unexpected. ;)

See you then,