Accent Wall Inspiration

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We’ve all seen the Pinterest posts that stop us dead in our tracks. Ever notice a room with the most perfectly painted accent wall? Whether it’s a rustic reclaimed wood wall behind a headboard, or a dramatic stand-out wall in a dining room, accent wall nirvana can be achieved!

How to choose your location

Accent walls naturally attract the eye in a space, so I often take into account the flow, purpose, and architectural structure of the space. Is the room long and narrow with a fireplace centered on the far wall? Do you have your headboard against a wall that features a tall vaulted ceiling? Spaces like these are all great for highlighting with an accent wall. Together we will consider where the focal point of the room should be, as well as whether any of your furniture pieces would really pop against a dramatic background.

How to choose your medium

Paint is a great way to inject color and add depth to a room. Wallpaper requires a little more effort, but is well worth it. For instance, a bold pattern can create a dramatic look, or a more subtle one can simply add some texture to a room. With removable options available as well, it’s easier than ever to give wallpaper a try. Other options for creating an accent wall include reclaimed wood paneling (also available in removable options!), shiplap, or adding trim to create a dimensional accent.

How to choose your color

A dramatic color is great for a smaller accent wall or when paired with an overall lighter palette, so the dramatic color doesn’t feel too overwhelming. When creating a larger accent wall or if you’re adding an accent through dimensional trim, a more subtle hue would be preferable.

Ready to make your accent wall dreams come true but don’t know where to start? At Maria Causey Interior Design, we always stay well attuned to the newest trends in design for your home. Since your home should truly reflect who you are and create the mood you desire, we want to help you to make design choices that will last. For more information or to receive a proposal for your next interior design project, please contact Maria Causey Interior Design today.

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