New & Timeless Color Trends for Your Home

How do you feel about color in your home? About color trends?

I’m a firm believer that you should always design your home for you and not for the latest trends, but that doesn’t mean we can’t consult style or color trends to discover what we like.

In fact, I recently attended the Interior Design Society (IDS) Conference in Palm Springs and listened to some speakers on this very topic. And yes, the weather there was just miserable… ;)

So between the IDS Conference and the Colorful, Resort-Inspired Bathroom I shared with you 2 weeks ago, I figured now is the perfect time to talk color trends!


Why Should You Use Color in Your Home?

It has long been proven that color has a strong impact on our mental state. The right colors can help you relax, can energize you, can inspire you to heal, and can even stir up some romance.

So before you dive into these color trends, I want you to remember that the colors you choose for each space largely depends on how you want to feel in that space.

Warm Colors & Yellows are In

I think most designers knew that grey would last about 10ish years before beige tones came back again (it happens every decade or so), but we’re seeing more than just parchment-toned whites.

Yellows are being used in homes now more than ever for a warm, sunny vibe, and you’ll see that other colors (in the trends that follow) are skewing toward the warm end of the spectrum, too. Couldn’t we all use a little warmth in our lives?


Green as a Neutral Base

Depending on the hue, green is known for inspiring health, restoration, balance, and rejuvenation. While we’re certainly seeing a lot of green palm leaf motifs (a short-term trend), we’re also seeing the use of a soft sage / “lichen” green tone as a neutral base.

Blues in Denim & Cobalt

Blue is one of the most nuanced colors and therefore has the widest array of emotional affects. Depending on the shade, it can be calming and soothing, energizing, deep and intelligent, or playful and breezy. The most common shades at the moment are dark denims (which goes with nearly any other color) and strong, saturated cobalt.


True Reds are Back

Red is well-known for its energy and passion, but it wasn’t until recently that we started seeing true reds used homes. In full force, red appears moody and ambitious; as an accent color, red supplies a boost of energy, determination and strength.

Warm & Social Oranges

Orange is one of the colors newest to the design scene this year, and I can’t deny that it’s refreshing to see. Orange is known for being a social color, inspiring confidence and conversation. While this might not be the ideal color for a master bathroom, it offers the perfect touch of warmth and welcome for entertaining spaces.


Skin Tones at Home

Have you noticed that you haven’t seen many blush tones in a while? That’s because design is moving away from millennial-inspired blush and more toward warm skin tones like apricot and warm browns. These colors have a calm, grounding affect, not to mention they’re versatile—you can pair them with nearly any other color.

Taupe is the New Grey

Just because grey’s most recent heyday has come to a close doesn’t mean grey won’t be used in homes anymore. However, most of the greys we do see are—you guessed it—warmer. Ones with a “taupe-y” cast to them are especially popular.


Matte or High Gloss?

The last trend I want to share with you is a little less colorful and more related to finishes. Between matte and high-gloss finishes, matte is taking the cake! Not surprising, as this supports the trend toward our desire for a more natural, less manufactured feel in our homes.

So, what do you think? Which colors will be best for your master bedroom? Your living room? Your kitchen? The choice is yours, but if you need some help along the way, you know who to ask. ;)

Lastly, if you’re daydreaming of your next renovation, don’t forget to download our Kitchen Guide below—it’ll help you plan your renovation and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

See you next time,