Before & Afters in Great Falls: A Bevy of Bathrooms

A couple of weeks ago, we shared this gorgeous Before & After reveal near Great Falls. Today, we’re unveiling the rest of that project: FIVE separate bathrooms.

Let’s journey through each — how they’re cohesive, what sets them apart, and how we made it all work.

Before & After: The Master Bathroom


We removed the too-traditional pillar, installed an elegant bath, and gave the whole space a refreshing palette.


Removing the floor-to-ceiling cabinets created more counter space, and we widened the lower cabinets to the edge of the wall, so our clients weren’t losing storage space. I love the subtle spa vibe of the open shelving at the end.


We widened the shower and installed glass doors to keep the space feeling open. (I love tile details in the shelving.) The cushioned sitting area is the perfect place to take a few relaxing moments, and you’d never guess that it’s hiding...


...a laundry chute! Keeping (yet hiding) the chute was a challenge, but it was too functional to lose. We “sat” on some ideas and eventually went with this stylish bench! The fact that it can store towels is just an added bonus.

Before & After: Her Bathroom


Before, our clients’ daughter’s bathroom was dark, cramped, and lacked function and personality. Let’s get this young woman some storage space!


We opted for a mostly light grey and white palette, made soft and feminine by walls of pale lavender. We brought in plenty of storage space, bright lighting, and some beautifully functional shelving in the shower itself.

Pro Tip: Glass shower doors make bathrooms look MUCH more spacious.

Before & After: His Bathroom


For our clients’ son, we took a similar approach: make the space feel bigger, brighter, and add some character. Plus more function. Always more function.

We pulled it off with black-and-white, waterfall-esque tilework, another set of glass doors, a handsome stone counter, and fresh modern lighting. The result is cool, suave, and far more breathable.

Before & After: Their Bathroom


For our clients’ guest bathroom, the approach was, again, similar. The stone used in this shower has a gorgeous presence of its own, but the variation of tilework designs steals the show.

The result is a bathroom that is small but mighty.

Before & After: The Basement Bathroom

The basement bathroom is the full family’s space, so we wanted to leave it a little larger than the others...


More beautiful stone, creative tile work, and a soft but fresh color. The oversized mirror and bright lights combat the lack of natural lighting, too, creating yet another open and soothing space.

Well, there you have it — one home, five bathrooms. They each have their own character, but they also look like they belong to the same house, which is important to a good design, but also to your home’s value.

Quick sneak preview… we have another design makeover coming up next month, only this time… it’s my house! I can’t wait to share it with you.

See you then,