How to Design Vacation-Inspired Spaces at Home

What if your home could be more than just beautiful?

Life can be hectic, especially in the DC Metro Area, where many careers are sun-up to sundown (or later) gigs. In your precious moments of free time, imagine having a space that’s not only relaxing but transports you to your happy place. 

One way to do this is through a vacation-inspired space. Today, I’m letting you peek behind the scenes at how we bring this type of design to life for our clients...


Which Rooms are Best for Vacation-Inspired Spaces?

If you remember, one of our most recent projects was a resort-inspired kids’ bathroom, complete with Moroccan tiles and a damask, ocean-toned wallpaper. Our clients wanted to feel relaxed, transported, and joyful, and that’s exactly what they got.

Other great spaces for relaxing, vacation vibes could be…

  • Living or family rooms

  • Yoga or reading rooms

  • Bedrooms

That said, your options aren’t limited to this list. Step #2 of our design process, the initial site visit, is when we’ll ask you, “How do you want to feel in each space?” 

Your answer will help us create the perfect design concept for you.

What Goes into Creating a Vacation-Inspired Space?

Like your home, vacations are a fully sensory experience. They involve sight, touch, sound, smell, and, yes, even taste sometimes!

Creating a space that brings you all the relaxing bliss of your favorite getaway is about bringing these senses to life in your home. So how do we do it?

Sight: Lighting & Design

Lighting can completely change the feel of a space. Warmer light can feel comforting, sultry, or moody; cooler light can feel refreshing and awakening. The design itself also plays a role. Which objects can we incorporate to bring you relaxation and joy? Which will transport you to your happy place?

We’ll ask you the right questions to understand exactly what you need.

Touch: Texture

Texture plays a huge role in creating the sensory experience of your space. Even if you’re not touching any surfaces (though you will), your eyes can “feel” the room. 

For example, soft textures can add a level of comfort, while smooth textures can create a feeling of open freshness. Rough, organic textures can add another layer of coastal relaxation. Again, the list doesn’t end here. We’ll put textures together in the perfect combination for you.


Sound: Music and Space Planning

The more open and unfilled a room is, the more sound will carry in it. In some cases, this could be a good thing, filling you with peace and limitless possibility. In others, this openness could make the space feel empty. Balance is key.

We’ll also address the role of music — yes, even nature’s music. Do we need to add a window to let in the songs of birds from the tree outside? Do we need to make space for a sound system or instruments? (Hello, music room.) Again, we’ll ask you these questions and more.

Smell: Scents

Scent plays another big role in transporting you to vacation bliss. Will a breezy, ocean-inspired scent fill your soul with joy? The scent of fresh laundry sans laundry? We’ll see what we can do!

Taste: You Choose

Taste is a little harder to design for, but not impossible. Maybe you want a bar cart in your in-home retreat? Or an indoor herb garden next to the window? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


What Can You Bring Back from Your Vacations for Your Space?

Have you ever brought an item back from vacation with big dreams for displaying it in your home, and then realized… “this piece doesn’t go with anything.

It happens. It can be tricky to find items that will fit in with the rest of the gang. My best suggestion is… ART.

An original work of art from a local artist—as long as you love it—can always find a place in your home. And if you really, really think it won’t work with your space’s design, I have two words for you: gallery wall!

It can be done.

The two lovely ladies gracing my foyer hail from Jamaica and Hungary

The two lovely ladies gracing my foyer hail from Jamaica and Hungary

It’s no secret. Design is more than photos you see in magazine spreads and online — it’s personal. It’s for you and your loved ones. We absolutely love getting right to the heart of how you want to feel in your home, and we do everything to bring these spaces and feelings to life for you.

You’ll be amazed at the transformation. In your home… and in yourself.

Til next time,