Making Your Home More Cozy This Fall

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Where is your favorite place to be during the cold fall months? For me, it’s in my home snuggled up on my favorite sofa in front of a warm fire. I find that as temperatures drop outside, adding some warmth to your home can help get you through the harshest winter months.

Whether it’s little things, like adding more candles and throws throughout your home, or bigger projects, like painting your walls darker shades and transforming nooks into snuggly hangouts, there are a variety of ways you can add a homey, cozy vibe to make staying indoors inviting and comfortable:

  1. Add candle power: Easy and inexpensive, candles are a quick way to add comfort and warmth to your home. Select candles in different shapes and sizes and try grouping them to maximize their benefit.

  2. Add layers: Blankets, comforters or faux fur throws help create an extra layer of warmth. Use them in bedrooms and family rooms – ideal spots for snuggling up with loved ones or all by yourself.

  3. Bring some green into your home: As trees begin to lose their leaves and plants go into hibernation, it’s especially nice to bring some green into your home. Plants and flowers will bring some life to your interiors, especially when you don’t see any green outside your windows.

  4. Paint your room with darker colors: Dark paint colors on walls create warmth in a modern way. When balanced with lighter-colored furniture or accessories, dark walls can become a focal point while feeling comfortable and snug.

  5. Lighting can set different moods depending on the type of lightbulbs used. For fall and winter months, avoid cooler shades, such as clear and blue-tinted bulbs. To create a soothing setting, warmer lightbulbs, such as soft white or yellow-tinted ones are recommended. Try grouping your lights together to create a warm focal point.

  6. Use your five senses. The sound of a crackling fire, whether real or recorded, will help warm your spirits. And when it comes to smells and tastes, get those kitchens humming. When creating a homey, warm atmosphere, nothing is more evocative than your sense of smell. Go ahead and make that coffee and hot chocolate or bake your favorite cookies and pies. Your nose and taste buds will thank you.

Ready to implement some of these design trends in your home? At Maria Causey Interior Design, we always stay well attuned to nuances in design for your home. Since your home should truly reflect who you are and create the mood you desire, we want to help you to make design choices that will last. For more information or to receive a proposal for your next interior design project, please contact Maria Causey Interior Design today.

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