The Causey House Remodel: Designed for Laughter & Joy

As promised, I am sharing another design reveal with you today, and this one is especially close to me, as it’s the Causey house!

Before we start, if you’ve never had a home professionally designed, you should know it visually expresses the people who live in the home: their characters, their histories, the way they live. The home tells an incredibly personal story — but that’s what makes it so rewarding.

So, thank you in advance for letting us share ours. Won’t you come on in?

Welcome to the Causey Home

For the entryway, I wanted a “wow” factor right when we walk in the door. I went with jewel tones, lots of bold patterns, and a mix of modern and traditional.


Speaking of bold, how about that leopard print carpet? It’s super luxe and soft and polypropylene, which can easily stand up to my college-age twins, Nate and Sofi, and our dog Baxter, whom you met here. Virtually indestructible yet very budget-friendly.

For the smile factor, how about the Queen in aviators, stage left?


Throughout our home, you’ll see several items we brought back from travels over the years. I love finding local artists when I’m abroad and supporting their work. For example, the two ladies gracing the area above the foyer table hail from Jamaica and Hungary.

Okay, let’s go up those soft and stunning stairs...

The Sitting Room


For the sitting room, I continued the theme of bold patterns in this room but kept it otherwise neutral, perfect for some lighthearted and relaxing leisure time.


My obsession with birds is on display above the writing desk in this room. I have always had a special place in my heart for birds and even had a few pet birds as a child.


Who’s that darling child?? ;)

Master Bedroom

Most people want bedrooms that say “ahhhh…” and are restful and neutral. I wanted to smile. In fact, that was the driving factor in the design of the whole house. If it didn’t make me smile, if it didn’t evoke sunshine and laughter, then it didn’t make the cut.


I am a huge fan of Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler, so my bedroom is sort of an homage to them. In fact, the bed is upholstered in a Kate Spade fabric and the gorgeous fuchsia velvet on the bench is from Jonathan’s collection for Kravet.


I framed album covers of some fierce and inspiring women (Aretha, Donna Summer and Debbie Harry) in Wexel Art frames, because, well, I’m told I’m a bit fierce myself and I’m drawn to those kinds of artists.

By the way, that bed, it’s king-size. And if you’re wondering where Baxter sleeps… well, let’s just say I have about 18” of real estate and the rest is all his.


Sofi’s Bedroom

My college-age daughter, Sofi, wanted her bedroom to reflect her new, grown-up self. Luckily, Sofi was the PERFECT client because she let me do whatever I wanted, as long as it reflected her.


Sofi is a bit of a free spirit (also fierce like her mom) and loves things like tie-dye. I found all kinds of treasures on Etsy, Chairish, and Craigslist and combined them with some of her personal treasures and photos.


There’s a hallway between Sofi’s bedroom and bathroom that contains her closet and had a big, empty space. I used an upholstered storage ottoman for her extensive clothing and shoe collection – Imelda Marcos, eat your heart out – and two prefabricated, mudroom-type cubbies with hooks to create a built-in storage area.


I did this room on a tight budget and, frankly, it’s my favorite room in the house.

In two weeks, I’ll be sharing several music-inspired rooms throughout the house, as well as the kitchen, dining, and family rooms. It’s about to get a little bolder around here...

See you then,