The Best Summer Colors for Your Home

summer color palette interior design.png

Wow, I can’t believe it’s summer already! The pastel pink peonies, light sandy beaches, and bright yellow sun shining on the water means summer colors are starting to pop-up everywhere. These is no reason not to surround yourself with the bright and light colors of summer, to add freshness and calmness to your home.

From dusky blues to pastel pinks, colors are getting a makeover in this summer of 2017. These are some of the colors of summer and how they are influencing interior design:

Greens: What better way to bring more nature into home? From dark greens to lush colors, greens are becoming more and more popular for indoor decor. You can use green on a statement wall or incorporate pieces of furniture that contain natural textiles and organic materials.

White: White is one of those colors that many homeowners shy away from. However, white can be the most refreshing color of the spectrum, evoking purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication.

Sky Blue: From walls to upholstered furniture pieces, this classical color will fill the home interiors with glamour and elegance! 

Bright Yellow: Subtle yellows have the ability to breathe life into a home and can convey a friendly environment to guests, while strong yellows convey positive qualities, such as happiness, optimism, and confidence. Although yellow is a strong color, it can create a truly harmonious color scheme with colors of the same family.

Pastel Pinks: Pastel colors have made a comeback after falling out of favor in recent decades. A pastel pink tone can be lovely in a home, because it is not strong and intrusive.

Color is a key element in creating the mood of a room. At Maria Causey Interior Design, we always stay well informed about nuances and trends in the incorporation of color in your home. Since your home should truly reflect who you are and create the mood you desire, we want to help you to make color choices that will last. For more information or to receive a proposal for your next interior design project, please contact Maria Causey Interior Design today.