10 Design Trends Coming In & Going Out in 2019


Design trends are always in flux, but there’s something about the upcoming New Year that makes us all reflect on which trends we’re now welcoming into our homes… and which we’re hauling to the curb.

Here’s a list of the top 10 trends I’ve seen coming and going in the DC Metro Area this year. Can you guess what they are?

Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019

1. The Resurgence of Traditional Decor

Traditional decor is making a comeback, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m not talking Granny’s parlor, but rather, new and updated takes on traditional design. Expect to see more antiques. Floral patterns in upholstery, window treatments, wallcoverings, and accessories. We’re even seeing the comeback of historic statement pieces, like Persian rugs.

Time to bring out your traditional china sets!

Time to bring out your traditional china sets!

A lovely black and white damask pattern.

A lovely black and white damask pattern.

If you have some traditional pieces hiding in your basement, 2019 might be the perfect time to give them new life and love.

2. Saturated Colors & Jewel Tones are Livening Up Spaces

Pastels are out. Rich, saturated colors are in! Think emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and aquamarine.

Several jewel tones in luxe fabrics

Several jewel tones in luxe fabrics

I love how these rich tones add life and energy to a space. This trend started gaining momentum last year (remember our Color Trends of 2018 post?) and it has shown no sign of slowing down in 2019. Amen.

3. Excellent Lighting for Design & Visibility

Lighting is becoming more and more crucial to good design — and when I say lighting, I mean the type of light fixture, placement, AND the light source itself.

Modern Farmhouse Glam  kitchen is bright and functional.

Modern Farmhouse Glam kitchen is bright and functional.

It’s a common misconception that designers simply beautify a space. In reality, we have extensive knowledge about all the products and materials that go into your home… such as whether you should choose a halogen vs. LED bulb.

In 2019, expect the answer to be LED. They provide better visibility, are safer/cooler, last longer, and are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting.

4. Kid-friendly and Pet-safe Fabrics

I’m guessing you’ve seen the infomercials where some poor surface has been abused with substances like spaghetti sauce, muddy paw prints, finger paints, and more of life’s worsts.

Then, the greatest new product magically wipes the muck away!

Did you think, “Yeah, right?”

I was skeptical, too. But when it comes to the latest fabrics (like Krypton and Polypropylene), this kind of wipe-away wizardry is actually REAL (and I’ve tried it myself to be sure).

No surprise, with the quality and beauty of these “hardy” fabrics much improved, their popularity is on the rise in 2019.

5. Stylish Carpet Materials with a Nice Hand

(What’s a nice hand? Read here.)

These days, our toes want some comfort just much as the rest of us. Hardwood floors will never completely get the boot, but there’s definitely a shift happening toward softer and more stylish carpet options.

As an added bonus, carpet is also a great way to tie together the stylistic elements in a room, and it’s better for our back health. Sounds good to me.

The area rug in our  Modern Farmhouse Glam  dining room is thick and silky soft.

The area rug in our Modern Farmhouse Glam dining room is thick and silky soft.

6. A Home That Looks Like its Items Were Collected Over Time

This trend goes hand-in-hand with the shift back toward traditional design and antiques. Gone are the days when you wanted to furnish and decorate your house with 100% brand-new items, or a style plucked straight from a catalog.

We want a home that reflects our unique personal histories, characters, and lifestyles. If you don’t have a lifetime of items accumulated, no sweat. This is where antique-hunting comes into play.

We used our clients’ favorite existing art as the focal point of their  new basement family room .

We used our clients’ favorite existing art as the focal point of their new basement family room.

Design Trends That are on Their Way OUT the Door

Now that you’ve seen what’s coming into style, you might be able to guess a few trends that the design industry is nixing...

7. The “Industrial” Look is Out

Traditional is in. Industrial is out, out, out. You know those heavy metals, details that suggest factory assembly, and dark spaces? These are all becoming no-go’s. We want bright, warm, and vibrant.

Bye, bye, industrial design

Bye, bye, industrial design

8. Chevron Patterns are a Thing of the Past

Chevron patterns had a good run, but I’m afraid their time is up. Keep an eye out for florals, paisley, and more organic patterns to take their place. Sorry, chevron.

Chevron patterns are out.

Chevron patterns are out.

9. Rooms that Look “Designed” and Impersonal

Perfectionism is out. Real-world living is in. The people want character.

Not to mention, when our homes look “perfect,” we can often feel the stress of needing to be perfect ourselves. And let’s be realistic, if you’re reading this and you’re human, that’s just a recipe for disappointment. ;)

The perfection of this space feels confining!

The perfection of this space feels confining!

10. Rooms That are Never Used (or No-Kid Zones)

I’ve lost count of how many clients have told me they never use their formal dining room. But there it sits, a sad, neglected, and often beautiful room in their homes.

The same goes for areas of the house where kids aren’t allowed. I’ll never forget how uncomfortable I felt as a child in my grandmother’s sitting room (yes, sitting room), where I was afraid to even breathe, for fear of damaging the many porcelain figurines perched on her bookshelf.

Not anymore. Space is no longer for admiring — it’s for living.

The stuff of a clumsy child’s nightmares.

The stuff of a clumsy child’s nightmares.

The Mentality Shift in Interior Design & Home Decor

My biggest takeaway from all these shifts in design is the fact that we seem to be embracing more of real-world living. The appearance of having a beautiful, unused room or a picture-perfect, model home is no longer desirable.

We want uniqueness, quirkiness, and something that fits us, not that we have to fit ourselves to.

As someone who works with a wide variety of people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and personalities, I really couldn’t be happier with this shift.

After all, the best design always puts people first.