What No One Tells You About Interior Design

Can you guess what the biggest, most impactful benefit of interior design is? I’ll give you a hint… it’s not a beautiful space. 

Sure, a beautiful space makes you like your home more, and you probably enjoy it more too. But it doesn’t take a professional to create something that looks nice. Great design goes much, much deeper. How deep?

Let me wind back time, share a personal story, and show you exactly what I mean...

Everyone’s story has a beginning...


Everyone’s story has a beginning. Mine starts in my large Cuban-American family. My dad had a passion for the arts and culture, exposing me early to museums, opera performances, and ballet. 

When we weren’t observing masters at their crafts, we were going to flea markets and antique shops, satiating my father’s love of design. In me, he inspired a love of being surrounded by personal, beautiful, inspiring things. 

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Then Maria starts studying design.” 

Nope, not yet.

Fast forward a decade or two, and you would have found me with a successful career as a Registered Nurse, married to the man I love, and raising our teenage twins, Nate and Sofi. 

When I felt ready for the next challenge in my career, I followed my interest in design and took my first introductory course at a local college. From the first moment I walked into class, I knew I was meant to be there.

Everyone’s story has forks in the road...


It was in 2011, after having just moved our family to a new house in a new neighborhood, that life completely upended. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly.

You can imagine the shock and grief, but unless you’ve lived it, it’s difficult to understand the full devastation. Figuring out how to raise twin teens alone. Feeling lost and untethered. Staring at depressingly blank, off-white walls in the nearly empty home we hadn’t yet made our own.

In these moments, amid a flurry of emotions, I realized with perfect clarity how deeply our surroundings impact the way we feel… and that it’s in our power to change them.

Everyone’s story has new beginnings...

With the support of family, friends, and our church community, I cobbled my life back together. I finished design school, began working with a local designer, and a few years later (with the designer’s support), started Maria Causey Interior Design.

Throughout it all, I continued to make progress in my own house, turning it little by little into our home. 

Some people want their homes to be relaxing or rejuvenating, but from the start, I decided that I wanted to walk into every room in our house and smile

I used bright colors, fun patterns, and whimsical elements that would give me a laugh. I layered our family’s memories and passions and crafted a joyful, fun-loving future for us. (You can see the final result in “The Causey House Remodel” here!)

This kind of space, the one that makes you feel exactly how you want to… it can change your whole life if you let it.


Everyone’s story can positively impact others...

My experiences have taught me how interconnected our environments and lives are. I also know that you have your own personal history and desired lifestyle.

That’s why, when we work together, the first question won’t be “How do you want your home to look?”

Instead, we’ll ask, “How do you want to FEEL in your home?

When you have a space that inspires the emotions, feelings, and even the activities you want most, you can transform your life however you want.

That is the power of interior design. That is the future you’re really investing in. That’s our passion. Isn’t design incredible?

Until next time…