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Residential Interior Design | Remodel | New Build

Looking for a new kitchen, bathroom, master suite, or something else? Let us lead you through the design process--from initial concept to final reveal--with efficiency and a mind for your budget.

Each project begins with a review of your specific needs, budget, and goals. Each design starts with a personalized concept that directly correlates to what you want and can afford.

We create custom design packages all the time, whether it’s for one room or a whole house, a new build or a remodel, and whether you want to do everything at once or in stages over time. (And no, we don't require you to buy your furnishings through us.)

GoDesign™ | $795 flat fee

GoDesign™ is designed for homeowners who don’t necessarily want to purchase the full interior design services that Maria provides, but just want a little help with a room or project. For a flat fee of $795, Maria will provide two hours of in-person interior design advice and consulting in your own home and will also provide referrals to qualified contractors and vendors, should you decide to manage your own project.

If you decide you want full service design and sign a new service agreement within 30 days of using our GoDesign™ service, the entire GoDesign™ fee will be applied to the new design fee.

Ready to dive in?

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Maria’s GoDesign service is amazing! We accomplished in two hours what it would have taken several weekends (and cranky children) for me to get done. Hurray for my beautiful home, happy kids, and stress-free project!
— Past Client
Maria listens to your likes, dislikes and studies your tastes in design. She takes all of that information in and brings it together with her creativity and design talent. Her design was perfect for me, delightful in its balance of my sense of tradition and fun.
— Tana E. | Past Client

COMMERCIAL Interior Design

Does your spa, storefront, or office need an upgrade? Are you building out a new space? We are committed to staying within your brand parameters and your budget as we deliver a design that will amaze your clientele and allow you to run your business with confidence.

As your designer, we will take into consideration the needs of your staff and clients as well as the functionality of the space (Is it easy to clean? Is it accessible?) With no detail left out, your place of business will become a haven for you and your team.

Let's Make Your Business Beautiful

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Maria redesigned my office for comfort, efficiency, and to make my clients feel more at home. She has creative ideas and managed the process from beginning to end which made it effortless for me. I am extremely pleased and have many positive comments from my clients.
— Mark Cooke, CEO | Heritage Financial Wealth Management